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2013-14 Course Offerings  

​The Maven Academy uses many hand picked curriculum resources. We take great pride in our academics and include our parents in the curriculum process.  Our online resource is Edgenuity, a proven leader in curriculum development, to offer a wide selection of course offerings for our students. 

With rigorous, research-based content, Edgenuity online and blended learning programs are best in class: engaging, efficient, empowering-and effective. 

The 2013-14 Maven Academy Course offerings include:

Language Arts -   Grades 6-12
Mathematics -     Basic Math through Trigonometry 
Science -               Environmental
Social Studies -    World History
Electives: (Electives may vary dependent on enrollment) 
Psychology - Theater Techniques - Art - Music Theory  - Engineering Design I - Engineering Design II - Game Design - Philanthropy - Foreign Language I & II 
Please Note 2014-2015 will also include a Monday option and days will extend until 2:00pm. Schedule to be posted soon, please revisit!


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