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A Welcome From Gina Vogel; Chief of Administration


Welcome to The Maven Academy! As a longtime homeschool parent, I have always had a passion for education and an understanding that every child has unique learning styles. Twelve years ago, I was presented with the opportunity to purchase the tutoring and enrichment center my own child attended. It was then that my vision was born. I saw a door open to share my abilities and enthusiasm for education. Using the foundation already in place, and with the collaboration of others that share my passion, we developed an academic model that we hope will change the face of education in our corner of the world. Our team understands the challenges parents face when choosing the right academic fit for their children. Finding a private school that is rigorous, all the while, nurturing and mindful of the intellect of every student, can at times seem insurmountable.  Here, at The Maven Academy, that is exactly what we strive for: to meet the needs of each student at their own level, pace, and mode of learning.





Gina Vogel

Chief of Administration

Our Philosophy

We believe each student is on their own individualized path to higher education. Our goal at The Maven Academy is to help guide each student in the direction of success at their own pace. 

Our History

The Benjamin Franklin Center has served the homeschool community as a tutoring and enrichment program ​for over 19 years, The philosophies developed during those years, ultimately paved the way for what is now, The Maven Academy. 

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