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Supervision & Core Class Offerings

Girl with Umbrella


Umbrella Service

Home Instruction Supervision  K-12


School Backpack

6-12th Grade

1 Day 1 Course 

Come take a core class with us

Half or Full Year

Fall 2023 Elective Offerings
For 6-12th Grade

School Supply

Tuesday Elective

Career Exploration 


1st Semester Starts 9/12

*Follows Maven schedule please see calendar here

Students will: 

  • Explore their interests

  • Evaluate their strengths and skills

  • Set goals for the future

  • Research and compare potential careers

  • Meet guest speakers in many different occupations


Jujitsu Outdoors

Wednesday Elective

Muay Thai & Jiu-Jitsu


1st Semester starts 9/13

*Follows Maven Schedule please see calendar here

Students will join Kogen Dojo

for a fun, safe opportunity to learn  defensive skills.


  • Cardiovascular Wellness

  • Stress Reliever 

  • Builds Confidence 


French Flag

Thursday Elective

French Culture


1st Semester Starts 9/14

*Follows Maven schedule please see calendar here

Students will explore all things French.  They will be exposed to the French traditions, fine art, cuisine, daily life, family dynamic and of course exposure to their language!

Yes, of course we will be enjoying crepes!!  Maybe even some escargot. (Snails)


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