Home Instruction Supervision

We are so pleased to announce our approval to supervise home instruction!


Homeschoolers are a huge part of our program and this is a valuable service to be able to offer the homeschool community.  We are now enrolling all homeschoolers from K-10th to participate in our Maven Supervision Program. 


Please view the following laws regarding Homeschooling in Maryland


Parent's Role:                      





Home Supervisior's Role:





We will hold many different activities and events throughout the year that will be available for those enrolled in our Maven Supervision Program.  They may include: History Day, Science Fairs, Career Day Speakers, Classes, Field Trips, End of Year Awards, Social Gatherings etc.


We will be hosting an Information Meeting in May, visit site again for the date and time!



Course Offerings open to Home School

Community  2022-2023

Wednesdays 1:10PM- 2:10PM

Self-Defense w/Kogen Dojo

Thursdays 1:00PM-2:00PM

Art History 

Please contact us for detailed 

course info and pricing: