Our View on Common Core

The Common Core Standards set math and english curriculum standards in all participating states at the same level. Those states who adopt this Common Core Standard are relinquishing their rights to compose their own education requirements. Maryland is one of the participating states. If you are not familiar with the Common Core Standards, we suggest you review them to assist you in pursuing the best educational choices for your child.   The links below provide views from those who are for Common Core and those who oppose Common Core. 






At The Maven Academy, we prefer an individualized approach to education. Having serviced our community with homeschool enrichment and tutoring for over 18 years, we truly believe each student is on a personal educational journey and know first hand that "one size fits all" is not the best option for our students.


While seeking a "pending" status to become a private school, we decided to try a Common Core aligned curriculum as our main curriculum resource. We take great pride in the relationships with our students and value the partnership with our parents. We held a parent meeting to discuss and hear the views from parents' perspectives. As a group, we decided to make curriculum adjustments to best meet the needs of our students. We currently use a more individualized approach to math. However, we do use some Common Core aligned curriculum for other subjects and continue to hand pick material from other resources. Our goal at The Maven Academy is to provide a rich learning environment that nurtures the students and prepares them for their journey into adulthood.