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What makes us different?

Our environment is warm and friendly.  We believe that getting to really know each student is the key to success not just for them but also for The Maven Academy. Our educational program is proud to blend together all the benefits of public, private and homeschool into one academic environment. We offer many of the traditional experiences such as yearbook committee, student council, award ceremonies and more.   We do not have marble hallways, a big campus or "one size fits all" approaches.


We are different but sometimes different is good!


We limit enrollment to 30 students. We want each student to receive a personalized education with opportunity for one on one assistance.


Parents have a voice at The Maven Academy.  Parent meetings are held 4 times a year to discuss any concerns, curriculum, events and to build a strong partnership for the success of our students.


Our goal is to meet each student where they are and guide them to the level we know they can be.  Not everyone learns the same way and not everyone learns using the same teaching method.  We fully understand that and embrace each student's learning differences.


Our students academic backgrouds vary from public, private and homeschool.  We embrace all backgrounds and in fact, feel as if we have taken the best of each and applied it to our educational model.  


We offer classes to the homeschool community for enrichment.  If you decide to enroll as a full-time student, we make transferring homeschool credits easy.

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