2021-2022 Academic Year Schedule--1st Semester

 9:00-10:00     Math

10:05-11:15    Biology 

11:15-11:45    Lunch

11:45-1:00      Biology

  *Optional Electives

  1:00-2:00      What's the Law




 9:00-10:00     Math

10:05:11:15    US History

11:15-11:45    Lunch

11:45-1:00      US History

          *Optional Elective

1:00-2:00     Economics 

 9:00-10:00     Math

10:05-11:15    Literature 

11:15-11:45    Lunch

11:45-1:00      Creative Writing

        *Optional Elective

 1:00- 2:00     Social Hour


To learn more about our Optional Electives, Please CLICK HERE

Please note that our full time Maven students get discounts off of Optional Elective class.  The prices listed are for Home schoolers who join us!

Our Instruction is in session Tuesday through Thursday.  Students do have required work to be completed at home.  On Thursdays students will leave school with all home assignments required.  They also have access, as do the parents, to assignments on our computer management system.  We believe our schedule is crucial to strengthening time management skills and is setting our students up for success in higher education and independence in general.